Economy & Health: OECD Data Dive

Discover the intricate balance between economy and well-being in 'Economy and Health: OECD Data Dive'. Dive deep into visual representations that compare a country's GDP, health expenditure, and core health outcomes. Uncover how socio-economic factors directly influence life expectancy, mortality, and infant mortality rates on a global scale.

Life Expectancy Race: A Journey from 1960-2022

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Comparative Analysis of OECD Countries: GDP, Health Expenditure Ratios, Infant Mortality, and Life Expectancy (2010-2022)

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Correlation Analysis: Number of available Physicians, Alcohol Consumption, and Mortality Rates in OECD Countries (2010-2022)

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Geospatial Visualization of Key Socio-economic and Health Indicators across OECD Countries (2010-2022)

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